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Mental Relief w/PhenylGABA 750 mg 30 capsules

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PhenylGABA is a highly effective clinically studied form of GABA . It was created as an superior form since GABA itself taken orally has no effects. GABA is a relaxing brain chemical that regulates stress, focus, mood, inhibitions, and sleep. PhenylGABA acts as a agonist or mimic on GABA-B receptors. So it stimulants or activates these receptors and restores the activity to higher and more youthful levels.


It has been used since the 1960's for improving emotional and cognitive health. PhenylGABA is used primarily in lower doses to, reduce stress, enhance mood, focus, and socializing while in higher doses it improves sleep quality and relaxes the body and mind. It is one the most potent anti-stress nootropic on the market.


An interesting side note is it's use by Russian cosmonaut's medical kit for space missions.


Neuro Effects


*May reduce stress, focus and improve mood in lower doses while promoting sleep and muscle relaxation in higher doses. [By acting as a GABA-B receptor agonist]

*May help reduce stimulant-induced side effects. [By acting as a Phenylethylamine antagonist]

*May help with nerve health. [By being a gabapentinoid]




Take 1-5 capsules as needed.




If you notice any side effects discontinue use. This product is not recommended for those under 21. Do not use this product if you; are on prescription drugs without your doctor’s advice, have any health conditions, before driving, have any mental health issues, or with any GABA-B antagonists (homotaurine or fasoracetam).


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.